A Custom Renovation Project at Parksville’s Oceanfront Resort

Nestled between acres of tranquil forest and smooth sandy beaches, enjoy breath-taking views matched with world-class hospitality at the Tigh-Na-Mra Seaside Spa Resort & Conference Centre in Parksville, BC.

The rooms in the building accommodations for guests were dark and did not pair well with the picturesque views surrounding the resort. To create brighter and more inviting spaces, the unit layouts were improved with all new finishes, new cabinetry, countertops and better lighting. 

Bathrooms were transformed from rustic to luxurious with the addition of heated towel bars. The interior log walls were removed and replaced with white toned drywall, creating a more updated, modern look.

All the log beams on the exterior siding were replaced. The removed log beams were repurposed into shelves for the kitchen, boards for over the bathtubs, and mantels for the rooms. The rest of the lumber was used to make short stump tables that were iron branded with the Tigh-Na-Mara logo.

All the buildings received new metal roofs, railings, and decks. New windows and sliding doors were installed to improve efficiency and access to the stunning views of nature.

The front exterior received a dramatic new entryway with the addition of a stunning grand chandelier that guests can see all the way from the main road.

Parksville, BC