Moving to Vancouver Island? Tips & Resources for Newcomers

As a custom home builder on Vancouver Island, we get asked a lot for tips & referrals to local resources for new arrivals – this page is a place for us to share those resources with you! Read on!

Have you been considering a move to Vancouver Island? Great choice! Vancouver Island is one of Canada’s most beautiful regions, and also one of the warmest. The Central Island region experiences extremely temperate summers coupled by some of the mildest winters in all of Canada.

The Central Island Region boasts a strong sense of community. When moving to Vancouver Island we want you to know that there are many people here willing to help you. If you need information about the cities, neighbourhoods, transportation or accommodations available to help with your move, TS Williams has put together a page full of links and resources to assist you.

Surrounded by a continuous mountain range that is carpeted by a lush green cedar rainforest, our front doorstep is an ocean teaming with life. Orcas, porpoises, and Humpback whales are things one might see on any given day. We are a place where Bald Eagles soar high above ancient fir trees and we are also home to the world’s tiniest variety of Humming Bird. As you gaze out over the ocean you will probably see fishing boats out for a catch of salmon, cod or halibut. Float Planes buzz the horizon while ferries usher visitors to and from the mainland several times a day. Greater than average precipitation keeps our plant life giant sized and ensures that we truly are the land of rainbows.

Looking for a sense of urban life smack in the middle of a rugged natural wilderness? Vancouver Island has some of the best shopping available in the entire country but also some of the best wildlife. Here you can literally go skiing and golfing in the same day. We are also one of the world’s top scuba diving destinations, and home to the largest species of Octopus on the entire planet.

If you are considering moving to Vancouver Island, you will be coming to a special place in the world. A place that is as rich with music, food, theatre and the Arts as it is with natural splendor and wonder.

Living on Vancouver island in the summer is like being in paradise. It may be one of the nicest places on the entire planet. The weather is very temperate so even though it can get quite warm, there is low humidity and it seems very comfortable most of the time. There are very seldomly exhaustive heat waves. When it is sunny and there are beautiful green mountains covered by primordially large trees, it becomes obvious what a privilege it is to live here.

If you are seriously interested in moving to Vancouver Island be prepared to get into a lifestyle that is rich in outdoor activity and wildlife. Not only are there lush rainforests covering hundreds of kilometers of area, you will also be a stones throw away from rivers, lakes and the Pacific Ocean no matter where you choose to live. If you are looking for a laid back, oasis- like metropolis surrounded by nature and rugged wilderness then Vancouver Island is a very good place to move to.

The Central Island Region, including Nanaimo, is very easy to get around in. Ideally situated close to scores of small Hamlets, a 20 minute float plane ride from downtown Vancouver and an easy yet visually stunning hour and twenty minute drive from Victoria, Nanaimo is a great choice for those thinking of moving to Vancouver Island. Be certain to contact TS Williams if you are considering purchasing or building a Custom Built or Luxury Home here.